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ERP & Manufacturing

Consulting, Development and Deployment

Odoo | SAP

You know your product. We know manufacturing and we know systems.




Systems follow Process

Your Business Systems should work for you and not the other way around. You need an architecture that is agile when you need it, yet dependable at all times. It should be able to grow as you do. And it should deliver the functionality you need, without requiring extensive maintenance for capabilities you don't. We bring our years of discrete manufacturing systems experience in Aerospace and Automotive to the table to help you decide what capabilities you need and what you don't.

From Odoo to SAP

S4 Solutions offers implementation, customization and consulting services for both SAP and Odoo in the manufacturing context. With Odoo, you can have your business up on ERP in a matter of days. And if you're considering implementing or extending an SAP deployment, we can bring our extensive experience in systems architecting, integration and customization to bear.



ERP for Manufacturing 

We offer proven business system road maps to get your manufacturing humming along as it should. From CRM to PLM, ERP to MES, Inventory Management to Supply Chain, we've been there and we can right-size your solution. Our plans minimize cost, minimize infrastructure overhead and maximize the value your technology-enabled processes should give you.

Product Management

Many solutions will require customizations to fit your unique business processes and system landscape. With our network of development resources, we can direct the design and deployment of your enhancement, extensions and integrations so that you can focus on your business rather than manage IT resources. 





S4 Solutions, LLC was founded in 2017 to offer business systems consulting services and product management expertise to companies who want to focus on product development and quality manufacturing rather than their ERP's and other back-end systems.

Our founder spent years providing SAP consulting services in the Aerospace and Defense industry before spending time as a product manager at an Automotive start-up in the Silicon valley. The contrasting needs he observed between low-rate, high compliance and high-rate, low-margin environments was stark. But what was common in both cases was that most businesses continually fought against their systems. Everywhere, sacrifices and compromises were being made between capability, usability and efficiency. Most businesses maintain too many features they don't need, and too few that they do.

We recognize that for many companies, the monolithic one-size-fits-all ERP solution is outdated. Start up's need speedy deployment and flexibility to grow as their processes do. And established companies need to be able to look outside their software vendors' road-maps to see the ever growing set of capabilities they'll need to stay competitive. 



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