Contact us for fee demos or to learn more about subscription options for our custom Odoo Modules:

Odoo-Coupa Connector

Connect your Odoo Purchasing and Receiving functions to Coupa, a leading cloud-based procurement platform. Our connector allows you to plan and create RFQs in Odoo and submit them to Coupa for approval and release. We also integrate with the backend receiving process with full support for UOM conversion and back-order functionality.

Odoo-Parsable Connector

Our Odoo to Parsable integration allows your company to take advantage of Parsable's world-class job planning and execution workflows for Manufacturing Orders. Manufacturing Orders created in Odoo are interfaced to Parsable as jobs where Parsable's easy-to-use and mobile interface allow your users to quickly and intuitively interact with your shop floor execution processes. Our connector integrates BOMs, automated role and user assignment and order close-out with support for planning and worker assignments also

Kanban for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Real traditional Kanban in Odoo. Not to be confused with Odoo's Kanban UI layout. This module allows you to define Kanban cards to create internal goods movements, automated purchase orders to suppliers, manufacturing orders and inter-warehouse transfers. Barcoded Kanban labels can be printed directly from Odoo, which when scanned prompt the user to immediate confirm or cancel the particular movement or action to which they are attached. Never shut down your operations with intuitive and easy-to-use Kanban processes for material replenishment integrated with Odoo Vendor Pricelists, manufacturing and internal  and external movement Operations

Digikey API Integration

Real-time price updates via Digikey's free API connector. When adding a product to an RFQ against Digikey, our integration updates the RFQ with the current pricing for the specified quantity. Online price look-ups and PO change requests will become a thing of the past.

Octopart API Integration

Real-time parts sourcing and inventory check for hundreds of manufacturers and distributors via Octopart's API ( With a manufacturing part number or supplier's SKU, you can view inventory levels, prices and price breaks and automatically create Vendors and Vendor Pricelists within Odoo. Has your supplier run short of stock? Simply find another one via the Octopart API. Pricing is also automatically updated for the SKU and quantity when adding a product to an RFQ against an Octopart relevant vendor. Kiss all those e-mails back from suppliers requesting PO changes good-bye!

FedEx Integration for Inter-Warehouse Transfers

Odoo's native FedEx integration with the Sales App is great. But what if you want to ship inventory between your own facilities? Get real-time pricing, create labels  for multiple boxes and schedule pick-ups for all your inter-warehouse transfers. Tracking information is hyperlinked directly on deliveries and receipts in Odoo so your sending and receiving personnel can quickly identify the status of a given shipment.

Lot Sizing for Manufacturing

Specify maximum lot sizes for your manufactured products. When any type of demand is generated for manufacturing orders, this feature will allow you to plan your execution per your production batch sizes.

Picking for Manufacturing

Actually pick and/or drop against your Manufacturing Order pick-lists with easy-to-use, mobile and scan-gun friendly buttons to pick as you work your way through your picklist. This enables you to truly kit products to manufacturing orders up front, rather than through whole picklist back-flushes on order confirmation.